Curricula Vitae


Retired, 2008.

COURSES TAUGHT: Psychology courses taught in the last five years:

Psy 110, Introduction to Psychology
Psy 200, Statistics for the Social Sciences
Psy 215, Lifespan Psychology
Psy 300, Experimental Psychology
Psy 323, Abnormal Psychology
Psy 352, Psychology of the Middle Grade Child
Psy 390, Appalachian Psychology
Psy 390, World and Community Psychology
Psy 390, Positive Psychology
Psy 410, Psychological and Educational Testing and Measurement
Psy 487, Advanced Cognitive Behaviorism
Psy 490, Human Sexuality

Some of these were taught once and others, many many times.

TEACHING STYLE  Quotes from student evaluations. While the following quotes cannot possibly represent all students, they are typical of recent comments.

General teaching: This was the most enjoyable class I have had in four years. He had a great sense of humor. No weak points. This was my favorite class. He’s a great teacher.

Interest in students: Very encouraging. …courteous. …understanding.  Always wanting to help you learn.   He cares.  Accepts all students.  …does everything in his power to help students reach their goals.  I like the communication he had with students. He talks to you as if you are human.  He really connected with the students.

Interest in subject: He makes class fun to attend.  He really enjoys his job. He gave good notes.  …very interesting to listen to.  Persistent and loves what he is doing.

In-class activities: Great applications to everyday life. …had real fun with Dr. Sohn’s activities. Exceptional student involvement in the class… we brought our children, ran in place, and evaluated learning styles. I really enjoyed his lectures.

Knowledge of subject: …very intelligent, knowledgeable. Great wealth of knowledge. Diverse in his teaching. Highly motivating; keeps our attention.

Organization: Highly organized. Whatever was on the course outline, you did.  He follows through.  Was very clear on expectations and knew how to do his job.

Testing: I like the way his tests are set up. …really like his grading scale. …fair. His grading rubrics let us know exactly how we’ll be graded.

Other: One of the best teachers around. Gives his time out of class. He cares. …very understanding, intelligent, and insightful.

Numeric Evaluations: In the ten evaluated categories, Sohn’s scores average between 8.8 and 9.7 on a 10-point scale. In comparison to other faculty in the division, his scores are consistently among the highest.

CURRENT INSTITUTION:  Pikeville College, Pikeville, Kentucky, with 1200 students, is the high-profile liberal arts college and graduate school in eastern Kentucky. Founded by Presbyterians in 1889, the College serves the Highlands of Central Appalachia. The school attracts top students and faculty and offers well-honed, academically challenging programs at the AS, BA, BS, BBA, and DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) levels.

Pikeville College psychology majors typically take courses from four full-time resident faculty members with three of them holding PhDs and one an MSW.  In recent years the campus has become a high tech center with hundreds of computers and a staff of 10 academic-support technology professionals.

Once out of school, psychology graduates tend to develop successful careers, lead organizations, and impact their communities.


B.S. 1968 Iowa State University, Science and Humanities.
(Economics major and Sociology minor)

M.S. 1969 Iowa State University, College of Education. Education and Psychology. Master’s Seminar
Paper: “Student Activism in Argentina.”

Ph.D. 1975 University of Maryland, College of Education. Area: Administration, Supervision, and
Curriculum. Dissertation title: Knowledge of Facts Gained and Change in Use of Illicit Drugs as a Result of a Single Viewing of a Drug Education Motion Picture Film. University of Maryland, College Park,
MD, 1975.

M.A. 1986 Morehead State University, Morehead, Kentucky. Postdoctoral degree in Psychology: General
and Experimental. Thesis title: “Effects of Trait Anxiety on Classroom Achievement of College Freshmen.”

Earned graduate hours in psychology, statistics, and research methods:  69 hours.

Mark F. Sohn Work History:  College and University Appointments

Professor of Educational Psychology, Division of Social Sciences and Business, Department of Psychology (9-90 to present).  Pikeville College, Pikeville, KY 41501.

Visiting Professor,  Educational Psychology, Center for Excellence in Education, Northern Arizona University (9-88 to 8-89).  Flagstaff, AZ 86001.

Professor of Education, Division of Social Sciences and Business, Department of Psychology (9-87 to 9-90).  Pikeville College, Pikeville, KY 41501.

Professor of Education, Division of Education, Department of Psychology (10-82 to 9-87).  Pikeville College, Pikeville, KY 41501.

Lecturer, a joint Pikeville College and Morehead State University appointment as adjunct member of the graduate faculty, Appalachian Graduate Consortium (1-76 to 5-87). Pikeville, KY.




Co-Advisor to the Roundtable (psychology club)

Instructional Resources Committee, member

Phone-A-Thon, volunteer


Pike County Board of Education, Community Education Advisory Board

Mountain Comprehensive Care Center, Board member and Chair, see below

Professional Memberships:

*APA-American Psychological Association

*KPA-Kentucky Psychological Association

*CTUP-Council for Teachers of Undergraduate Psychology

*MPA-Midwest Psychological Association

*APA Division Two, Teaching of Psychology

* ASA-Appalachian Studies Association


Region XI Mental Health and Mental Retardation Board Member and Chair. For the Mountain Comprehensive Care Center (MCCC) Board I represent Pike County and serve as chairman the Board.  I have served as chairman since 2001 and continue to serve in this capacity. MCCC is a private state-supported entity with about 300 employees and a $16,000,000.00 budget serving clients in five counties. Many Pikeville College Psychology and Human Services graduates work for the agency. In my capacity as Board Chair, I have served on  the Victim Services Review Committee, Investment Committee, Facilities Evaluation Committee, and the Stakeholder Review Panel for Adult and Child Mental Health System of Care Plans.

Other organizations/interests:

Metropolitan Museum of Art, member

Guggenheim Museum, member

The American Institute of Architects New York Chapter, member

Pikeville Area YMCA, member and board member

Mountain Area Photo Society, member

David Crafts Center, member

Rotary International and Pikeville Rotary Club, member and Paul Harris Fellow



Appalachian News-Express:  As a columnist for the Pike county newspaper, I wrote 42 food travel, food culture, and recipe-based columns each year for 16 years, starting in 1988. See my web page at

In September of 1998 I accepted the position of Section Editor for Food and Cooking for The Encyclopedia of Appalachia. In this capacity I worked with 35 other section editors and two co-editors.  For my section, “Food and Cooking,” I have about 50 contributors, each of whom have written an entry or two. Published in the spring of 2006.

I have also written about 20 articles for five other encyclopedias including  The Oxford Encyclopedia of American Food and Drink, Scribner’s Encyclopedia of Food, The Encyclopedia of Southern Culture, The Mississippi Encyclopedia, and The West Virginia Encyclopedia.


Current/in progress: Working on a book I call American Food: Cracker Jacks, Life Savers, and Lay’s Potato Chips, a tribute to some 75 popular brand name foods. At the moment I am looking for an agent and publisher. I will not write until it is under contract for publication.

Appalachian Home Cooking: History, Culture, and Recipes with a forward by Sheri Castle and an endorsement from Rick Bragg. Mark F. Sohn. Lexington, Kentucky: The University Press of Kentucky, October, 2005.

Psychology for Living: The Science of Individual Behavior, Third Edition. Mark F. Sohn, Ann Arbor, MI: The Sheridan Group, 1999. Self-published.

Hearty Country Cooking:  Savory Southern Favorites with a forward by John Egerton. Mark F. Sohn.  New York:  St. Martin’s Press, October, 1998.   Received a 1996 James Beard Foundation Book Award for Food in the Americas and a 1997 Louisville Free Public Library Award for Literary Achievement. This is the paperback edition of Mountain Country Cooking.

Mountain Country Cooking:  A Gathering of the Best Recipes from the Smokies to the Blue Ridge with a forward by John Egerton.  Mark F. Sohn.  New York:  St. Martin’s Press, December, 1996.  Received a 1996 James Beard Foundation Book Cookbook of the Year nomination for Food in the Americas and a 1997 Louisville Free Public Library Award for Literary Achievement.

Southern Country Cooking.  Mark F. Sohn.  Iowa City, Iowa:  The Penfield Press, fall 1992.

Class Cooking, Recipes for Those Who Want to Teach and Cook.  Mark F. Sohn.  Pikeville, Kentucky:  M. F. Sohn Publications, June 30, 1992.

Education in Appalachia’s Central Highlands, Third Revision.  Mark F. Sohn and others.  Pikeville, Kentucky:  M. F. Sohn Publications, September, 1986.

Knowledge of Facts Gained and Change in Reported Use of Illicit Drugs as a Result of a Single Viewing of a Drug Education Motion Picture Film, Ph.D. Dissertation.  College Park, Maryland:  University of Maryland, May, 1975.

National Orientation Directors Association Handbook, 1974.  Ann Mathews and Mark F. Sohn, Co-editors.  West Lafayette, Indiana:  National Orientation Directors Association, November, 1974.

Personal Data

Date of Birth:  March 2, 1947.

Family:  Two children, Laura (1977) and Brian (1979).

Hobbies:  Cooking, photography, biking, running, and New York.

REFERENCES: In the spring of 2006, I updated my credential file at Iowa State University. The file includes four new reference letters and is available from

Human Sciences Career Services
Iowa State University
E 105 Lagomarcino Hall
Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa 50011
Phone: 515-294-6466
Fax: 515-294-6467

File:  MFS Vitae July 2004 academic profile